Sports Lighting

Keeping a sports field, court, stadium, or indoor arena well-lit helps both players and spectators. AEON LED Luminaires provide the right lighting option for these needs. With adequate lighting, players are able to play more effectively and safely, even after dark or on a day with minimal sunlight. This makes the entire game process more enjoyable, improving safety and performance for players.

The right lighting also improves the experience for spectators, rendering colors clearly and reducing glare so they can clearly see what is going on in the game. Lighting even improves telecasts for sporting events being televised, offering more realistic colors needed for high-definition filming. AEON LED offers luminaires designed specifically for sports lighting. Our luminaires are durable, long-lasting, and weather resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are lighting a football stadium or looking for efficient lighting for a parks-and-recreational facility, you’ll find it with AEON LED. Contact us today and speak with a lighting expert.


Industrial Lighting

Industrial facility managers need three things when choosing lighting: long lifespan, energy efficiency, and exceptional illumination. AEON LED Luminaires provides all of these. With AEON LED Luminaires, you can enjoy the efficiency of LED lighting in your factory or manufacturing facility, lowering your energy bills every time the lights are on. In addition, these luminaires last longer than their counterparts, so you’ll spend less time maintaining the lights.

AEON LED Luminaires are designed to provide a rugged lighting option. These luminaires are impact resistant, do not get damaged with dust exposure, and are safe for use in caustic environments, including waterfront and marine environments. They have a wide beam angle, making them ideal for mast lighting. Because they render colors true-to-life, create no glare, and do not leave dead, unlit spots, these lights improve the safety and security of your facility. If your industrial facility needs new, longer lasting and more efficient lighting options, AEON LED Luminaires are the answer.


AEON LED, a division of HyLite LED Lighting, provides high-quality, proprietary, patented, future-generation energy-efficient Luminaires that are engineered for years of dependable performance. Our company focuses on innovation by providing efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions.

HyLite LED Lighting, a family-owned, certified MBE/DBE/ACDBE, operates out of an 58,000 square foot facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our organization is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products for use in the Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial markets.

HyLite LED Lighting prides itself on bringing innovative and cost-effective Energy Conservation lighting products such as LED lamps, luminaires, and retrofits. As the cost of energy continues to rise, there is an increasing global demand for long-lasting, low maintenance lighting products that perform with optimal energy efficiency. HyLite LED Lighting is established to meet this growing demand. Our products are designed for commercial, industrial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting applications. HyLite LED Lighting offers the most advanced energy-efficient products on the market today.

At HyLite LED Lighting, our commitment to renewable energy is more than just “going green.” It is our desire to leave behind a better environment for our children and future generations to come. We would like to provide you with the opportunity to join us in this endeavor.



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