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As a company, AEON LED focuses on developing and deploying high-performance luminaires that significantly reduce energy consumption while providing superior illumination across unique applications.

Join us as we explore how AEON LED’s solutions are designed to meet needs, emphasizing their remarkable energy savings and exceptional lighting quality, all while paving the path toward a brighter and more sustainable future.

Learn more about each of our revolutionary products and their specific applications.

Flood Lightingled floor lights

AEON LED’s flood lighting series epitomizes state-of-the-art efficiency, offering up to 83% energy savings compared to traditional HID lighting solutions. These luminaires are designed with advanced LED technology that drastically reduces power consumption and extends the operational lifespan, significantly lowering maintenance costs.

The high-efficiency LEDs provide intense, uniform lighting, making them ideal for illuminating vast spaces such as parking lots, industrial compounds, and recreational fields. The precision-engineered optics ensure targeted light distribution, minimizing light pollution and enhancing visibility for safety and security.

With various beam spreads available, AEON’s flood lights can be tailored to specific area requirements, ensuring optimal coverage with fewer fixtures, further enhancing their cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits.

Sports Lightingbest sports lights

AEON LED sports lighting is engineered to meet the needs of rowdy sports environments, ranging from municipal playgrounds and school fields to professional sports stadiums. These lights are constructed to perform optimally in indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing the playability of sports fields and the overall spectator experience.

Here’s how AEON LED lights stand out:

  • Adaptable Design: Created for sports venues, ensuring optimal visibility and performance in small community fields or large professional arenas.
  • Improved Player Experience: Provides consistent, bright lighting that improves visibility and accuracy during play, which is critical for training and competitive events.
  • Spectator Comfort: Designed to reduce glare and improve the overall viewing experience, making it easier for spectators to follow the action without visual discomfort.
  • Broadcast Quality: Equipped with high Color Rendering Index (CRI) values and flicker-free technology, ensuring high-quality visuals for live broadcasts and replays.

RGBA/RGBW Lighting

red blue green led lightsAEON LED’s RGBA/RGBW full-spectrum color lights can project a wide array of colors, allowing for vibrant lighting scenes that significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of structures and landscapes.

In architectural settings, they can accentuate unique design features, draw attention to textures, and shift the mood of a building or public space with just the touch of a button.

For sports venues, RGBA/RGBW lighting not only adds excitement and engagement during events with team colors and light shows but also improves the clarity and quality of broadcasts. This capability to customize and control the lighting in detail transforms ordinary spaces into visually stunning experiences, making AEON LED’s RGBA/RGBW offerings a go-to choice for those looking to make a strong visual impact.

PNR Series

sports lighting manufacturerAEON LED’s PNR series is engineered to meet the challenges of public spaces such as educational institutions, municipal environments, and recreational facilities. This series is distinguished by its superior energy efficiency, achieving significant reductions in electricity consumption compared to conventional lighting solutions.

Technically, the PNR series leverages high-efficiency LEDs that provide an operational lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours, substantially minimizing replacement frequency and maintenance costs.

Additionally, the series incorporates advanced optical systems to deliver uniform and glare-free illumination, enhancing visual comfort and safety for public area usage while promoting sustainability through decreased energy requirements.

Hi-Mast Lighting

best hi mast lightingAEON LED’s hi-mast lighting options are meticulously designed to address the unique lighting needs of extensive areas such as roadways, sea ports, and large parking lots. These powerful luminaires enhance safety and visibility through superior illumination tailored to expansive spaces. Key features include:

  • Significantly reduces the discomfort and visibility issues associated with traditional high-mast lighting, ensuring safer navigation for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Available in multiple configurations (NEMA 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6), allowing for precise light distribution that maximizes coverage while minimizing waste.
  • The strategic placement and beam accuracy improve overall visibility, which is important for preventing accidents and enhancing security in large, open environments.

Indirect Lighting

indirect lighting optionsAEON LED offers specialized indirect lighting solutions that utilize advanced optical design to deliver soft, evenly dispersed light that minimizes glare and shadowing, which is necessary for areas where precision and visual comfort are key. AEON’s indirect lighting options come with several mounting configurations—pendant, loop, or yoke—allowing for flexible installation tailored to each venue’s unique architectural characteristics.

This adaptability ensures lighting fixtures integrate seamlessly with the structure, enhancing aesthetic appeal while providing high-efficiency, low-maintenance illumination. The benefits extend beyond visual comfort and include significant energy savings and a reduced environmental impact, aligning with modern sustainability standards.

Need LED Lights?

Electrical contractors and sports facility managers consistently choose AEON LED for our reliable, high-efficiency lighting solutions that reduce energy costs and maintenance needs. Our products are designed with advanced optics and durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance in harsh environments.

With options that cater specifically to the unique requirements of sports venues, AEON LED provides superior, glare-free illumination to enhance both the athlete’s performance and the spectator’s experience.

If you’re looking to upgrade your facility’s lighting with cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology, contact AEON LED to request a full catalog!

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