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The AEON LED RGBA/RGBW Luminaire delivers Simple, Smart and Easy-to-use Full-Spectrum Color Flood Lighting Solutions that provide Advanced Functionality. Versatility and Operational Efficiency. The possibilities are endless. Designed for both Indoor & Outdoor use, the AEON LED RGBA/RGBW Luminaire is suitable for Facade, Architectural and Sports Lighting Applications.

AEON's Proprietary Optics Produce the Ideal Light Distribution and Beam Angles for a Variety of Full-Spectrum Color Lighting Applications, while saving you up to 79% in Energy use compared to Traditional Lighting. With Impressive Total Lumen Output of up to 19,000 Lumens, Enhanced Glare -Free Illumination and various beam Spreads, AEON LED RGBA/RGBW Luminaire Provides Crisp Illumination, avoiding any Visual Discomfort.

Engineered with State-of-the-Art technology for Efficiency, Glare Control, and Uniformity, the LED RGBA/RGBW Luminaire features Instant On/Off, Dimming, Full Controllability, High Energy Efficiency, Flicker-Free Lighting and Complete Flexibility.


AEON can provide LED Luminaires that have Full RGBA and RGBW capabilities to bring Color, Dynamic Scenes and Excitement to your Venue or Facility! The Possibilities are Endless!

Create an Experience that won't be Soon Forgotten

  • Full-Spectrum RGBA/RGBW Color Luminaire with the Highest Reliability Level: Incredibly High 95% Total Efficiency and with the Highest Efficacy in its Class
  • Create Dynamic Scenes and Excitement to your Venue or Facility
  • Suit a Variety of Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Ideal for Floodlighting, Spotlighting, Wall Washing and Grazing
  • Incredibly Long-Life Span of over 100,000 Hours
  • IP67 - Complete Protection against Dust, Debris and Water Infiltration
  • Operational Flexibility: Adaptable to Various Intelligent Lighting Controls: Wired or Wireless, Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Dali, AirMesh Networks, Hybrid Networked Lighting Controls, etc.

Precision, Glare-Free Optics

  • Proprietary Glare-Free Illumination: No Uncomfortable Sensation or Visual Discomfort for the Players, Spectators or the Broadcast. UGR <19
  • Precise, Custom-Engineered Optics with Controlled Intensity and Uniformity: Excellent for HDTV Broadcasting, Slow-Motion Flicker-free Recording and Digital Photography. Maintains Delivered Foot Candles over Luminaire’s Life
  • High Color Rendition showing True Colors: CRI >85 (Amber/White)
  • Scalable LED Modules in NEMA 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Beam Spreads allows for Optimized Configuration for different Sports and Class of Play
  • Various Delivered Lumen Packages to suit a Variety of Indoor and Outdoor Sports
  • Proprietary Design offers Uniform and Constant Light Levels throughout the Life of the Luminaire, with Minimal Lumen Depreciation
  • Avoids Light Pollution and Trespass: Optical Accuracy Directs Light precisely where needed without Spill
  • Neighborhood-Friendly: No Spillage or Sky Glow

The Possibilities are Endless!

Color Your World!

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