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Build a State-of-the-Art Lighting System!


AEON LED Luminaires are Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA. They offer the most Powerful, Rugged & Efficient Lighting options in the Industry. You can build a State-of-the-Art Lighting System from the Ground-Up or bring your Current Lighting System into the future. AEON’s Patented Design has a Glare-Free Illumination of UGR <19 and eliminates visual discomfort of traditional lighting. AEON LED Luminaires are Neighborhood-Friendly with Zero Spillage or Sky Glow.

AEON Luminaires also have a CRI >85 that shows colors how they were meant to be seen and are ideal for 4K, HDTV Broadcasting, Digital Photography and Flicker-free Slow-Motion Recording for Optimal Television and Live Audience Viewing. Available with 5 Delivered Lumen packages in a variety of NEMA Beam Spreads, AEON LED Luminaires are built to suit a Variety of Indoor and Outdoor Applications.


AEON has Additional Capabilities and Services beyond offering the Luminaire. Below, you will see the added value you could receive by choosing AEON:

Design your Space with Free Lighting Layouts & Photometric Studies:

View how AEON LED Luminaires will illuminate your facilities and applications. You will be able to see on paper what the light levels will be across the field or area that will be illuminated by AEON Luminaires. With AEON LED there are multiple Lumen packages and you can see which AEON Luminaire works best for you and your Facility.

Designed around IESNA Standards, you can be rest assured knowing that AEON will provide you with Recognized Industry Benchmarks of what your specific application requires in terms of Foot Candle Levels and Uniformity Ratios. Increased light levels increase safety for workers and or players and spectators. Know exactly what you are getting with AEON LED and with our precision Glare-Free optics that has no Spillage or Sky Glow that makes AEON LED Neighborhood friendly.

As an added bonus, we show you the details on positive Environmental effect your Facility or Sports fields will have to help you earn Carbon Credits. Enjoy a drastic reduction in your Monthly Utility Bill. A favorable Impact on your bottom line! Sustainable Communities Begin with Smart Choices! Minimize Costs while Maximizing Safety!

Controlled Lighting with HyLink & RGBA/RGBW Capabilities:

Automating, Customizing and Controlling the Behavior of Lights Lowers Operating Costs and Provides Even Greater Energy Savings! Control the lights from your Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone with an Encrypted, Self-Forming, Self-Healing, SNAP Mesh Network.

AEON Luminaires offer Full-Spectrum Color Lighting Solutions can be controlled by DMX protocol. AEON can provide LED Luminaires that have full RGBA or RGBW capabilities to help bring Color, Dynamic Scenes, and Excitement to your Venue or Facility. The possibilities are endless!


Remote Drivers Capability:

AEON LED Sports Luminaires have Remote Driver Capabilities, allowing quick and easy access to the core component of the AEON Luminaires if necessary. The Advanced Functionality and Quick Connect System makes AEON LED User and Cost Friendly with our Remote Drivers Capability.

Build the complete Package with Pole Capabilities (Turnkey Solutions):

AEON has Turnkey Solutions for the Complete Lighting Package with a variety of Poles, Cross-Arms & Platforms. If you are considering new construction or even just upgrading old existing lighting, AEON can provide you with a fully Customized Lighting Solution for your application.

Build a State-of-the-Art Lighting System from the Ground-Up or Update your Current Lighting System for the Future. AEON LED can be your one stop shop for your Flood and Sports lighting needs. Whether you need a new system or replacing Cross-Arms & Platforms with the AEON LED Luminaire, AEON is the choice to help get you the Lighting System that will suit your needs.

Protect your Lighting System with Extended Warranty:

All AEON Luminaires carry a standard 5 to 10-Year Warranty. Ask us about our extended warranty options to help protect your AEON Lighting System, now and well into the future. AEON offers Extended Warranty options that can help protect your investment and offer Peace-of-Mind in case of an unforeseen incident or natural disaster.

Upgrade to LED with Project Financing:

Need to upgrade your Lighting System but can’t fit it into the budget? Ask us about our Financing Options. With Project Financing, custom terms are determined that are designed specifically for you to get the AEON Project you need, with the flexible payment options you desire.

GSA Approved for Federal Agencies:

  • TAA Compliant, AEON Luminaires are Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA. They are on the GSA Schedule (47QSWA20D0040) and approved to be acquired by the US Federal Agencies.
  • If your Heavy Commercial, Industrial or Sports Facility needs state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free lighting options, AEON LED Luminaires are your best choice!
  • AEON LED is ideal for use in Hot and Humid Climates and safe for use in Corrosive Settings, including Waterfront and Marine Environments.
  • Ideal for Army Bases, Navy Bases, Battleships, Sea Ports, National Monuments and more!
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AEON has Additional Capabilities and Services

Beyond offering the Luminaire!

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