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Outdoor Field and Court Lighting

From tennis courts to football fields, many sports take place outdoors. Though these sports are quite different in playing and enjoying, they all have one thing in common. Every outdoor court or field requires proper illumination for safe and enjoyable gameplay. That’s where AEON LED can help.

AEON LED Luminaires are the most efficient and eye-friendly lighting options for outdoor sports courts and fields. For tennis courts, basketball courts, and outdoor fields of all shapes and sizes, AEON LED Luminaires provide a lighting solution, allowing safe and enjoyable gameplay, even after the sun goes down.

Efficient Lighting for Outdoor Sports Courts and Fields

Outdoor sports courts and fields must be lit whenever someone uses them in the dark. This can add up to many hours of the lights being on, which creates high energy bills. AEON LED Luminaires can cut those energy bills significantly.

Operating 85 times more efficiently than other lighting options, all while delivering 140 Lumens/watts, these luminaires will cut energy bills, helping sports venues and park districts save needed funds. Also, because they last far longer than non-LED lighting options, these luminaires reduce the costs of replacement fixtures & lamps, including the labor to replace them. By upgrading to AEON LED Luminaires, your facility will save immediately.

Improve Safety and Performance with Increased Illumination

Not only do AEON LED Luminaires cut energy and maintenance expenditures, but they also significantly improve the facility's visibility. These luminaires have a proprietary no-glare design with a UGR<19. This means they create no eye strain and cause minimal glare. In addition, they produce a color rendering index of greater than 85 (CRI>85), close to natural sunlight and the highest for this class of luminaire. Brighter lighting with natural color will make the sports experience positive for players and fans.

AEON LED Luminaires are the most efficient and visually appealing lighting option for tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor sports fields, or any sporting facility. Give players and fans a gift with better lighting by making the switch to AEON LED Luminaires. Find the right AEON Sports or AEON Flood luminaire for your needs today.

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Common Questions About Lighting Courts

Do you have questions about the lighting options for your outdoor courts and fields? Check out these common questions and their answers.

Why Choose LED?

LED lighting offers several benefits for outdoor basketball court lighting and other sports court lighting needs. First, LED lighting lasts longer than other lighting options, so you can light your outdoor courts and not have to think much about maintenance.

LED lighting also works well for outdoor sports courts because it is bright and accurate. The courts will be lit with lighting that mimics actual sunlight in color and brightness. This keeps players safer and, if spectators attend your outdoor events, improves the overall experience for them.

Finally, LED is one of the most cost-effective, energy-efficient options for sports court lighting. It uses far less energy than other lighting options, so you will save money over the lifetime of each bulb you install.

Which Lighting Is Best For Outdoor Courts?

LED lighting is best for outdoor sports court lighting because of its color and longevity. However, not all LED lighting is created equal. AEON LED Luminaires are some of the industry's toughest, brightest, and most accurate lights.

One potential problem with LED lighting used in outdoor sports courts is the heat damage with this type of lighting. LED lights naturally generate heat, and the addition of outdoor environments can make this problematic.

With AEON LED Luminaires, this is not an issue. These lights have proprietary technology that reduces heat gain and eliminates damage to the standard of the interior components with this type of lighting. Hence, you get an increased lifespan even outdoors in hot environments.

What Features Are Important?

Some features are critical when choosing sports court lighting for outdoor courts. First, you want a glare-free light. Glare on the ground, or the ball can impede play and make the facilities less enjoyable for spectators. It can also create safety issues for players.

Next, look for a light that renders colors true to life. This can help players and fans better differentiate between team colors and increase the contrast between the ball and the ground. In addition, accurate color rendering combined with minimal glare makes the light easier on the eyes of spectators and players, creating less eye strain.

Finally, look for longevity. You want to keep your outdoor sports court lights the same. LED lighting is some of the longest-lasting lighting available, making it a sound choice for outdoor basketball court and field lighting.

If you're looking for a bright, accurate, glare-free, long-lasting lighting option for outdoor fields or courts, trust AEON LED Luminaires. Call us to speak to a lighting specialist or request a product catalog!

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AEON - How Can We Help You?

Are you interested in purchasing products or speaking with a true lighting expert? Please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch shortly!

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