LED Lights for Baseball Fields: Case Study

Slaton, TX

AEON Case Study - Slaton Baseball Field


When Slaton High School resumes operations, the students will notice a big difference in the baseball field. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Slaton ISD upgraded the baseball field lighting to LED. Before the AEON upgrade, the baseball field had 34 x 1500W Metal Halide Fixtures.

“Our other system was antiquated with wooden lighting poles and random bright and dark spots. Because of outdated wiring, one pole actually ran on a welding generator during games.” -Jim Andrus Slaton ISD Superintendent.

Slaton ISD sought an LED Solution to alleviate this issue that would best fit their needs. After reviewing all the features and benefits, they selected AEON LED Luminaires as the best solution.


To replace the 34 x 1500W Metal Halide Fixtures, a photometric study showed that 60 x 750W AEON Luminaires would illuminate the baseball field and increase the light levels immensely, all while reducing energy. The Slaton Baseball Field used three different NEMA Beam spreads to get uniform illumination levels of the field. 12 Luminaires used the NEMA 4 Lens, 4 Luminaires used the NEMA 5 Lens, and 44 Luminaires used the NEMA 6 lens. The AEON Luminaires have a high color rendition showing true colors with a CRI >85. AEON’s Proprietary Glare-Free Illumination (UGR <19) makes for the players and spectators no uncomfortable sensation or visual discomfort.

The AEON Luminaire’s proprietary thermal management system allows for continuous airflow, keeping the Luminaire cool in the Texas heat. AEON’s Proprietary Design offers Uniform and Constant Light Levels throughout the Life of the Luminaire, with Minimal Lumen Depreciation. Additionally, with a rated Luminaire life of up to 100,000 hours, the AEON Luminaires will last over five times longer than the old Metal Halide Lamps. Ballasts were also eliminated from the circuit, reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.


Prior Traditional Energy Consumption (including Ballast Draw Factor):

34 x 1,610W = 54,740W

Current AEON Energy Consumption:

60 x 750W = 45,000W


The Slaton Baseball Field now has an LED Solution that will last them years, allowing them to spend their time, money, and resources on more productive projects instead of changing failed lamps and ballasts.

“I am so very pleased to tell you how excited our community is with the new AEON lighting system at our High School baseball field. It’s like night and day. The new field looks beautiful at night. The lighting coverage is bright and void of shadows, and the color is amazing. We are watching high-resolution media rather than a live baseball game. An added benefit is the lower power usage. Saving money and improving the experience for the players and the fans was a win–win for Slaton ISD.” -Jim Andrus Slaton ISD Superintendent.

If you want to build a State-of-the-Art Lighting System from the ground up or Update your Current Lighting System, AEON has the right solution for you and your project.

Slaton 1


Slaton 2

Uniform Illumination Levels


Project Images

  • Simply Efficient
  • Proprietary Thermal Management + Patented Cross Ventilation System
  • User Friendly through Advanced Modular Functionality
  • Proprietary Glare Free Illumination. UGR<19
  • CRI>85
  • Tried & Tested


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