Corrosive Environment Lights

LED Luminaires for Corrosive Environments

Environments that contain corrosive materials can cause significant problem for many types of lighting. The corrosive elements and combustible dust in many settings can damage light fixtures and bulbs, causing premature burnout and failure. In a highly corrosive environments, LED lighting rated at 10 to 15 years could start showing signs of failure with just one year of use. The proprietary design of AEON LED Luminaires makes them better able to withstand harsh, corrosive environments, delivering better efficiency and illumination without fear of premature failure.

Luminaires Designed for Harsh Environments
AEON LED Luminaires, including both flood and high bay luminaires, are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh environments. Whether the environment is handling corrosive chemicals and gases, working at extreme temperatures or exposing the light to sea salt, AEON LED’s products can withstand the challenge, delivering reliable light day after day.

The AEON LED Luminaires have undergone extensive salt spray and corrosion testing, providing to be an effective lighting option in challenging settings. These luminaires exceed National and International Standards for quality, so they can be used across the globe in the harshest of environments, providing high quality, clear illumination for those industries that need it most.

In addition, AEON LED Luminaires have a proprietary thermal management system that creates continuous air flow to protect them from damage due to heat, a common element in facilities working with corrosive chemicals. This cross-ventilation system helps protect the longevity of the AEON LED products, even in hazardous environments.

Improved Efficiency and Improved Illumination
In corrosive environments where dangerous chemicals or extreme temperatures are commonplace, proper light is essential to safety. AEON LED Luminaires offer glare-free illumination with a UGR of less than 19. The luminaires boast the highest color rendering index in their class. A high CRI of greater than 85 means the color quality under AEON products is as close to natural sunlight as possible. This improves the safety of the facility where these luminaires are utilized.

Efficiency is also important when it comes to lighting in corrosive environments. Switching from traditional lighting to AEON LED Luminaires will improve your facility's efficiency by as much as 80 percent. This efficiency combined with the longer lifespan of AEON LED products means less time and effort spent replacing burned out lights and less money spent on replacement luminaires.

AEON LED has both flood luminaires and high mast/high bay luminaires. Find the right lighting product for your facility today, and trust the tested, proven reliability you will get when you switch to AEON LED.

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  • Simply Efficient
  • Proprietary Thermal Management + Patented Cross Ventilation System
  • User Friendly through Advanced Modular Functionality
  • Proprietary Glare Free Illumination. UGR<19
  • CRI>85
  • Tried & Tested

AEON - How Can We Help You?

Are you interested in purchasing products or speaking with a true lighting expert? Please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch shortly!

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