Joe Restivo

May 22, 2019
led lights beach volleyball

LED Lights for Beach Volleyball Courts

Beach volleyball is quickly growing into not only a fun pastime for summer picnics, but also a highly competitive sport. When your facility has a beach […]
May 12, 2019
industrial lighting led

Industrial Lighting Solutions in Chicago, IL

For companies in and around Chicago, the right lighting is an important consideration. Lighting improves the look and operation of your facility, but it also contributes […]
April 15, 2019
baseball field sports lighting

Get Ready for Summer Nights with LED Lights

Summer is right around the corner, which typically means more outdoor activities. With more outdoor activities comes more outdoor sporting events. When it comes to providing […]
April 7, 2019
best industrial lights

Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting

In industrial settings, especially outdoor settings, lighting needs to be bright and rugged. Industrial LED lighting from AEON LED is both. With a bright, clear light […]
April 2, 2019
sport lights manufacturer

Stadium Lighting Solutions from AEON LED

Lighting outdoor sports stadiums is an important part of creating a positive experience for athletes and spectators alike. While there are many sports lighting companies out […]
March 26, 2019
led sports lights

AEON: Sports Light Manufacturer

When it comes to lighting sports venues, the right lighting choice is critical. Not only does lighting improve the experience for spectators, but it also makes […]
March 16, 2019
led lights for skate parks

LED Lighting for Skate Parks

At a skate park, the sun setting rarely means a stop in the action. Many skateboarding enthusiasts are happy to continue working their skills after dark, […]
March 7, 2019

Best Applications for Indoor Floodlights

Indoor floodlights from AEON LED offer an efficient, cost-effective way to bring bright, glare-free lighting to your indoor space. From arenas to indoor sports centers, LED […]
March 6, 2019
outdoor stadium lights

How Energy Efficient LED Lights Can Enhance Ballparks

Ballpark lighting has been known for its harshness, and many players and spectators alike have found themselves uncomfortable after the sun sets as they deal with […]
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