November 7, 2019
industrial lighting led

The Right Lights for Industrial Light Fixtures

Industrial light fixtures must be able to meet the demands of even the roughest environments. At AEON LED, we have rugged, efficient, and effective LED Luminaires […]
September 9, 2019
industrial led lights for shipping yards

How to Minimize Energy Costs at Ports & Shipping Yards

Ports and shipping yards utilize a lot of energy, and the cost of all that energy consumption can add up quickly. When shipyard managers are looking […]
May 12, 2019
industrial lighting led

Industrial Lighting Solutions in Chicago, IL

For companies in and around Chicago, the right lighting is an important consideration. Lighting improves the look and operation of your facility, but it also contributes […]
April 7, 2019
best industrial lights

Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting

In industrial settings, especially outdoor settings, lighting needs to be bright and rugged. Industrial LED lighting from AEON LED is both. With a bright, clear light […]
January 18, 2019
led construction lights

Why You Need the Brightest LED Flood Light on Your Construction Site

Construction work rarely stops when the sun goes down. When work needs to continue well into the night, proper lighting is necessary. Only the brightest LED […]
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